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Welcome to Hillbilly Haunts: REAL Ghost Adventures located in Gatlinburg, TN.  We are the only Historically Accurate tour of Downtown Gatlinburg.  We are a walking “haunted history” tour that explores the dark side of one of America’s top vacation destinations.  We encourage you to call us today at (865) 386-4790 to set up a reservation and join us […]


Please check out this Ladies tops site at womens tops online from Metalicus. This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions we have encountered.   Will anything jump out at me to try and scare me?     No.  We are an historical based tour.  We are not in the “jump scare” business.  If anything were to jump out at us, the tour guides will be just as scared as […]

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Call Today for Reservations! (865) 386-4790.  RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED,   View Larger Map

Anomaly Pictures

Here is a collection of Anomaly pictures that we have gathered on our tours.

White Orb at White House